Just Call Me Sarah "All Heart" Wells

Oh no. That’s what I thought to myself as the clock ticked closer to the cut-off point of a clip from Jerry Maguire, this morning’s edition of the At The Movies series at our church, seconds closer to when I had set the video up to automatically shut off, right before Cuba Gooding, Jr. announces,Continue reading “Just Call Me Sarah "All Heart" Wells”

About "Field Guide to Resisting Temptation"

Today, a short essay I wrote appears on Brevity, a journal for brief nonfiction, called “Field Guide to Resisting Temptation.” I wrote this essay after it occurred to me for the first time that I could be the one to screw up my marriage. Even though my husband and I had talked about temptation abstractly, about bar scenesContinue reading “About "Field Guide to Resisting Temptation"”

Romantic Comedies and Reality

After chasing Henry around the softball field and putting the kids to bed, after downing glass #1 of wine and eating two chunks of dark chocolate, I am now reclined with feet propped indulging further in one of my favorite romantic comedies, French Kiss, with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. My favorite romantic comedies allContinue reading “Romantic Comedies and Reality”

Poem for Valentine’s Day

I wrote this little poem for my husband a couple of Valentine’s Days ago. It’s a little geeky in that I love researching stuff I didn’t know before (like the names of DNA components), but I think even without the DNA, you can get the jist, that I love my husband, and that we’re inContinue reading “Poem for Valentine’s Day”

The Hunger Games

Why is it that books about vampires, werewolves, and children killing children are so stinkin’ popular these days? Most of the time I am a nonfiction/poetry snob, I admit it, mostly because my job requires it.  Occasionally, I miss reading for fun, though, and I have several friends who eat up fiction, both YA andContinue reading “The Hunger Games”

What Chamomile and Honey Can’t Do

I’m pretty sure I’ve had a cold/sinus infection since December 1.  It has backed off a little here and there as some kind of bacterial mercy move, but for the last two weeks (or something like that), it’s been no nonsense, in your face (and nose, and eyes, and ears, and chest), Die Hard withContinue reading “What Chamomile and Honey Can’t Do”

Last Words Series Part Three – "Mary at the Cross"

Mary at the Cross I am not old. A bewildered mothersince conception who stored up each moment. Now I will recall the way you reached for me, a babe, and only see your outstretched arms. Son, do not abandon me—every hourhas been mystery, how my Lord suckled at my breast, relied on me to learnContinue reading “Last Words Series Part Three – "Mary at the Cross"”

Because I Said So

I’d like to have some kind of built-in sensor that beeps or flashes at me when I’ve crossed the line separating sane, firm, yet loving mother and insane, irrational wacko mom. Maybe it could make a noise like a metal detector… you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay… firm enough, firm enough, firm, firm, firm, AHHHHHHHContinue reading “Because I Said So”