One Week until Official Release of The Family Bible Devotional!

The Family Bible Devotional: Stories from the Bible to Help Kids and Parents Engage and Love Scripture officially releases August 1, but it’s available now on Amazon, and I’m so excited for it to be out in the world. This was a writing project unlike any I’ve worked on before. Here’s how: 1. It isn’tContinue reading “One Week until Official Release of The Family Bible Devotional!”

This Week in Books and Words and Legos

It’s a big week for me as I head up north to the Festival of Faith and Writing. IĀ love this conference, and at this year’s event, besides hanging out with a boatload of truly excellent people, I get to meet my agent face-to-face. I’m also going to be reading at One Poet, One Poem, andContinue reading “This Week in Books and Words and Legos”

The Body Is Not a Coffin

Over a decade ago, I started scratching down the clippings of diseased rose stems and transplanted Black Eyed Susans alongside the ache and emptiness of miscarriage. The Word doc morphed from computer to computer as we moved from Ellet to South Akron to Ashland to Copley. The story kept changing and growing, from one miscarriageContinue reading “The Body Is Not a Coffin”

The Middle Ground

My latest blog post for Off the Page on the roots of racism and what we ought to do about “The Others” was shared on Wednesday. It was difficult to write this article because the temptationĀ for me and I suspect other Christian writers is to craft the I-was-lost-but-now-I’m-found message, I was bad but now I’mContinue reading “The Middle Ground”