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Destination: Mars

I’m participating in the #NaPoWriMo challenge to write a poem a day during National Poetry Month. So far, it’s off to a fun start. I’ve been using Carolee Bennett’s poetry prompts, and today’s I thought I’d share because it’s so wacky and off the wall and not at all the kind of poem I normallyContinue reading “Destination: Mars”

The Pace Car

Growing up, my family watched a lot of NASCAR. Our driver was Awesome Bill from Dawsonville, Bill Elliott, and we would cheer him on every Sunday, whether he was the #9 Coors car, the #11 Budweiser car, or the #94 McDonalds car. I had t-shirts and posters, people. It was serious. Whenever there were wrecks,Continue reading “The Pace Car”


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I’m Sarah M. Wells, mom, wife, follower of Christ, & author of The Family Bible Devotional, Between the Heron and the Moss, and Pruning Burning Bushes. You’ll find some of my meditations on faith and ordinary life here. Thanks for stopping by!

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