17 Resolutions in ’17

  My 2016 resolutions were “not to weigh less or earn more or score more acceptances from publishers, although I’ll gladly take those things too. I want to direct my energies into the Factory of Happiness. Here are the things I know bring joy for me, because they have always brought me joy, cup overflowing joy,Continue reading “17 Resolutions in ’17”

Dying Mom Stories and New Year’s Resolutions

As a reader and editor for River Teeth, one of my major biases was dying mom stories. Writers think just because their loved one has died or might die or is dying, they ought to write about her. It’s sad. It’s hard. It’s life changing. So we write dying mom stories. The trouble with the vastContinue reading “Dying Mom Stories and New Year’s Resolutions”

Resolution Time!

Here’s a tip for next holiday season: It’s probably a bad idea to eat leftover pierogies every day after Christmas through the New Year. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t also coupled with nut roll. And baklava. And buckeyes. And other delicious calories consumed the last two weeks, all ofContinue reading “Resolution Time!”

2013 Resolutions: Walk Instead of Run

First of all, Mom’s surgery was successful and she’s beginning to recover.  I’m so grateful she’s okay and appreciative of the prayers for her.  I had a hard time fighting back the “what if’s” that come along with a parent getting sick or going for a major surgery.  It was such a relief to hearContinue reading “2013 Resolutions: Walk Instead of Run”

My 30th Year: Read Ten Books

I’ve been thinking about my thirtieth year list and looking at the growing stack of books I’d like to read in 2012. Rather than get discouraged, I’ve decided to identify ten books I plan to read in 2012. When I finish one, I think I’ll try my hand at reviewing it on here. In some ways,Continue reading “My 30th Year: Read Ten Books”

My Thirtieth Year

As something of a kick-off to my 30th year and my mom’s 50th, we ran a half-marathon back on December 3.  It was cold but dry and sunny, and we finished!  Now, I have ambitions to run a marathon with one of my good friends (who is also turning 30 this year) in May, but I’m notContinue reading “My Thirtieth Year”