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All of Sarah’s books are also available through Amazon.com and other major retail booksellers.

American Honey

“Sarah Wells brings a unique perspective to the domestic essay. American Honey radiates an honesty, candor, and vulnerability I find not just compelling but refreshingly rare.” – Robert Atwan, series editor of The Best American Essays



Family Bible Devotional, Volume 2

“Do you long for your kids to have a knowledge and a love for God’s Word but are unsure of how to help this happen in a natural, fun, and winsome way? This devotional is for you. The layout encourages questions, provides activities, and enables both parents and children to grow together in a deeper understanding of God’s love for each one of us.” – Susan Alexander Yates


Between the Heron and the Moss: Poems

“Wells beautifully melds the secular and the non-secular, the divine and the human, as she explores what tethers and frees the questing heart.” – Kathryn Winograd, author of Slow Arrow: Unearthing the Frail Children


The Family Bible Devotional, Volume 1

“In this excellent devotional, Sarah Wells has packed a lifetime of inspiration and joyful applications that will guide families into a deeper appreciation of Scripture.” – Dandi Daley Mackall, award-winning author of over 500 books for adults and children, including My Bible Animals Storybook


Pruning Burning Bushes: Poems

“Pruning Burning Bushes balances Wells’s spiritual life with humor; there’s the bawdy life of carnivals and yet a true spiritual practice mixed harmoniously in. The personality of the author comes through attractively.” – Sandra McPherson, author of Expectation Days


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