The Next Thing and the Next Thing

Summer is coming to a close, which means the children go back to school, Henry starts preschool three days a week, and football season begins. Now that we’re done with this thing, onto the next thing. The clouds are racing and changing across the sky, moving the weather and the seasons along, and now it’sContinue reading “The Next Thing and the Next Thing”

The Desire to Be Desired

A couple of weeks ago was the River Teeth Nonfiction Conference, and leading up to that were lots of long nights getting ready. I’ve been feeling frustrated with my ability to make time for writing, here or anywhere else, but now that the conference is over and I’ve given my brain a little break fromContinue reading “The Desire to Be Desired”

What are we going to do today?

We are going to do nothing. Nothing at all, nothing planned, nothing scheduled, no agenda, no calendar items, no outings, no play dates, not even laundry. We are doing nothing. I am out of the office (again) after the two-week summer residency. Because I worked so much during the last two weeks, I’ve been itchingContinue reading “What are we going to do today?”

Holiday Greetings from Nine-Month-Contract Land

I’m a Donkey on the edge! Back in November, I surveyed the approach of the holidays, the onset of bowl season, the ramping up of my husband’s travel season, and the end to my four-day work-week on an 11-month contract. With all of the calm and clarity of a person anticipating the possibility of anotherContinue reading “Holiday Greetings from Nine-Month-Contract Land”

Advent Day 15: And There Were Shepherds

Dad and I sat on the tailgate of his truck and waited.  The night air was warm enough to be out without a coat.  The old maple on the hill cast a dim shadow from the light of the moon. “Oh! There’s one! Did you see it?” I asked, pointing to the sky. The meteorContinue reading “Advent Day 15: And There Were Shepherds”

Book Seven 2012: Townie by Andre Dubus III

Townie by Andre Dubus III is the kind of book you can’t help thinking about when you aren’t reading it.  You live in its scenes while you are eating dinner with your kids or riding in the car, thinking about the narrator, wondering what is going to happen next, considering the plot development and theContinue reading “Book Seven 2012: Townie by Andre Dubus III”

Family Vacations, Then and Now

This weekend marked the first family vacation with my side of the family since the Great Myrtle Beach Thanksgiving Vacation Disaster of 2007. None of us said anything to reference it, but as we set up our campers at the state park on Friday night, cold wind whipping across the lake and blowing in heavyContinue reading “Family Vacations, Then and Now”

The Corner Stand

The Corner Stand The pick-up’s open tailgate displaysthe fruits of our labors – bushel basketsof fresh-picked sweet corn, Sugar Babywatermelon, zucchini, yellow squash,tomatoes, green bell and banana peppersall arranged in quart containers. It is unpredictable at the corner stand –will passersby, hankering for a dozen,see our shining vegetables, mouths wateringfor a taste of straight-from-the-vinecherry tomatoes,Continue reading “The Corner Stand”