The Florist’s Daughter by Patricia Hampl

The Florist’s Daughter by Patricia Hampl is a deep exploration of two extremely influential individuals on the author’s life: her mother and her father, though much more emphasis seems to me to be on the mother. There’s an intended irony, I think, in the author’s title, the florist’s daughter. Hampl has always considered herself “hisContinue reading “The Florist’s Daughter by Patricia Hampl”

Full Body Burden – Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats

I recently finished Kristen Iversen’s book, Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats, an important and terrifying account of the dangers that lurk in the secrets of our personal and national lives.  It is especially important and worrisome as the Denver area experiences such dramatic flooding, stirring up buried plutonium deposits. Kristen Iversen accomplishesContinue reading “Full Body Burden – Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats”

Grace Notes by Brian Doyle

I JUST finished Grace Notes by Brian Doyle, literally just finished the last page and set it down on my desk and sat back in my chair and sighed that long, contented, choked up sigh of YES.  This!   “…after fifty years, I am absolutely sure what I am supposed to do: sense stories, catch someContinue reading “Grace Notes by Brian Doyle”

Book Seven 2012: Townie by Andre Dubus III

Townie by Andre Dubus III is the kind of book you can’t help thinking about when you aren’t reading it.  You live in its scenes while you are eating dinner with your kids or riding in the car, thinking about the narrator, wondering what is going to happen next, considering the plot development and theContinue reading “Book Seven 2012: Townie by Andre Dubus III”

Book 6, 2012: Beautiful and Pointless by David Orr

I just finished Beautiful & Pointless: A Guide to Modern Poetry by David Orr, and now I am sad.  It isn’t often that I come across a person who cares so much about poetry but is equally as honest about the state of contemporary poetry, and that willingness to illuminate the reality of modern poetry andContinue reading “Book 6, 2012: Beautiful and Pointless by David Orr”

Books 4 & 5, 2012: A Double Life and Bring Down the Little Birds

In the quiet hours after my children fall asleep, after the whining and the bickering, after the requests for snacks and meals and drinks and games and puzzles and cars and hold me and carry me and tuck me in and sing me a song and just one more song, after all of that, IContinue reading “Books 4 & 5, 2012: A Double Life and Bring Down the Little Birds”

Book Three 2012: Pitch by Todd Boss

So, I finished another book toward my thirtieth year goal to read ten books, A Double Life by Lisa Catherine Harper, but I just started Bring Down the Little Birds by Carmen Gimenez Smith, and I think it’ll be fun to blog about those two together, since they are both on mothering.  Instead, let meContinue reading “Book Three 2012: Pitch by Todd Boss”