Priests and Prophets… and Eating Paleo

In January, we almost mostly completed a Whole 30 reset together as a family. We’ve been here before, a couple of times, and although there were fewer bad habits to break this time, it’s always good to reassess and begin better habits over again. Looking back on these various endeavors, I think my most favoriteContinue reading “Priests and Prophets… and Eating Paleo”

Little Joys—Books

This year, I’ve traveled through the desert on horseback with a shepherd and an alchemist. I’ve fished the lakes of Canada by canoe, attended a boy’s boarding school, learned the dance of the herons along a river, sat in the kitchen of a distressed and impoverished wife in Michigan, explored vocation, followed a friend asContinue reading “Little Joys—Books”

Maybe you’re like me

A year or so ago a friend in a private Facebook group made up of mostly Midwestern, Christ-following protestant/evangelical/questioning white folks challenged the group’s membership to read books by or about people other than mostly Midwestern, Christ-following protestant/evangelical/questioning white folks. Just two years ago I realized how much I favored male authors over women afterContinue reading “Maybe you’re like me”

This Week in Books and Words and Legos

It’s a big week for me as I head up north to the Festival of Faith and Writing. I love this conference, and at this year’s event, besides hanging out with a boatload of truly excellent people, I get to meet my agent face-to-face. I’m also going to be reading at One Poet, One Poem, andContinue reading “This Week in Books and Words and Legos”

Night Driving, On the Road

Every once in a while, I get an itch to up and leave. After high school, after bickering with my parents over something, I yell-cried-sung with my boyfriend to Tim McGraw, “Take me away from here / make it seem like we’re a million miles away / another time, another place.” He was my sureContinue reading “Night Driving, On the Road”

You Should Read This, and This, and This

I’m now working from home two days a week–which is fabulous–but it is impeding the pace at which I get through my audiobooks. Cry me a river. The things I have to give up for work-life balance, I tell you what. The balance of being in the office three days a week and out twoContinue reading “You Should Read This, and This, and This”

The Desire to Be Desired

A couple of weeks ago was the River Teeth Nonfiction Conference, and leading up to that were lots of long nights getting ready. I’ve been feeling frustrated with my ability to make time for writing, here or anywhere else, but now that the conference is over and I’ve given my brain a little break fromContinue reading “The Desire to Be Desired”

War and Peace and Devotion and David and Goliath

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to read 12 books in 2015. That’s one a month – totally reasonable, I figured. I like to read. That was before I discovered audiobooks. I finished two books yesterday – Devotion by Dani Shapiro and War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. I’ve always wantedContinue reading “War and Peace and Devotion and David and Goliath”

The Book of Knowledge and Wonder

When Steven Harvey was in his thirties, his grandmother gave him letters his own mother had written between 1945 and 1960. It wasn’t until Steve turned 61 that he began to read the letters of his mother, who had committed suicide April 6, 1961, when Steve was eleven. Most of Steve’s memories of his motherContinue reading “The Book of Knowledge and Wonder”