Food Anxiety

God of Paleo eating, forgive me for I have sinned. About four years ago, Brandon and I embarked on a month of Whole 30 eating in an effort to figure out what was destroying his digestive system. The Whole 30 cuts all added sugar, alcohol, grains, beans and legumes, soy, and dairy products for 30 … More Food Anxiety

Flavor Enhancement

One of the benefits of cutting down or eliminating added sweeteners to food and eating mostly natural ingredients is that everything tastes better.  It isn’t necessarily that the food itself changed, but the palate that is receiving the food is cleansed and ready to taste fully whatever it is that it is about to consume.  It isn’t … More Flavor Enhancement

Eating Good Food

So I started a catalog of all the foods we love to eat so that I don’t have to keep googling recipes I’ve had before.  I’m cooking-dumb when it comes to common food preparations, like how to make chicken broth or how long to roast chicken, things like that.  The list isn’t very long yet … More Eating Good Food

Paleo Parenting Update

It’s been seven solid months since we dramatically changed the way that the Wells family eats, from a primarily grain-based diet (cereal for breakfast, sandwiches at lunch, pasta/rice at dinner) to a more fruit, vegetable, nuts, seeds, and meat focused diet, with an emphasis on food that is not processed or packaged.  If it comes in a … More Paleo Parenting Update

The Saddest Baby Ever

This is the face of a starving child. I cannot cook dinner fast enough.On the menu tonight, bratwursts, steamed cabbage, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  Almost all homegrown around these parts. And now I must waddle with a crying fifteen month old attached to my pants back to the stove.

No Idle Hands Here

We’ve had another full, fun weekend around these parts.  The rust bucket Durango retired at the Ford dealership Friday, and Brandon and I did a little happy dance that it did NOT begin belching smoke in the parking lot when they started it up.  We pulled away with a 2004 Ford Expedition, pleased with our … More No Idle Hands Here

Whole 30 Day 30… DONE!

That’s riiiight – we made it through all thirty days of no grain, sugar, dairy, alcohol, or beans. And survived! Brandon officially dropped 15 pounds, and I’m hovering around 7 pounds off.  What’s more important, though, is that we feel pretty fantastic.  I have already elaborated about how this diet has improved our wellbeing, so I … More Whole 30 Day 30… DONE!