Beauty Everywhere

A raging feminist has been lurking dormant in my system, it seems, and lately I find myself enraged at the objectification of women, lies we’re told about our bodies, lessons we learn by osmosis– how to talk about ourselves as never meeting the Photoshopped standard, too big here, not enough there, flaw after flaw afterContinue reading “Beauty Everywhere”

Confidence vs. Arrogance

Any time I write about self-image, weight lifting, exercising, our diets, publications, and anything at all happy, the following thoughts ricochet about in my brain after hitting “publish” on my blog: People are going to think I’m arrogant and self-centered with all this, “Look how joyful and healthy I am” stuff. Am I arrogant and self-centered? IContinue reading “Confidence vs. Arrogance”

Why Do We Need Men?

So there’s news flitting about that women are increasingly the leading or sole breadwinners in the American family.  In most cases, this means more and more families are being raised by a single mom with an absent father, or the reason mom is the breadwinner is because dad can’t find work.  It isn’t because a couple satContinue reading “Why Do We Need Men?”

Flavor Enhancement

One of the benefits of cutting down or eliminating added sweeteners to food and eating mostly natural ingredients is that everything tastes better.  It isn’t necessarily that the food itself changed, but the palate that is receiving the food is cleansed and ready to taste fully whatever it is that it is about to consume.  It isn’tContinue reading “Flavor Enhancement”

Spring break 2012 – girls gone wild! With poetry!

I am sitting in the house I grew up in with all three of my kids sound asleep by 8 o’clock, drinking a glass of wine and writing poetry. This has been one of those amazing weeks you can never plan or count on happening for fear of disappointment, but when they come about, allContinue reading “Spring break 2012 – girls gone wild! With poetry!”

Picture Book

I don’t like my title. Oh well. Picture BookHis gentle dumb expression turnd at lengthThe Eye of Eve to mark his play; he gladOf her attention gaind, with Serpent TongueOrganic, or impulse of vocal Air,His fraudulent temptation thus began.– Book 9, lines 527-531, Paradise Lost by John Milton My children identify animals,name and order accordingContinue reading “Picture Book”

Sleeping Beauty, Part II

We watched Sleeping Beauty again tonight. Lydia loves this movie – she actually sits on the couch and watches the whole thing, which doesn’t even happen with Shrek, and they LOVE Shrek. So, Sleeping Beauty is a huge hit for Lydia. After Elvis went to bed, I let Lydia stay up and watch the restContinue reading “Sleeping Beauty, Part II”

Everything You Need to Know about the Enemy

You know those posters, “Everything I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten?” Well, tonight I bring you – everything I ever needed to know about the enemy I learned from watching Sleeping Beauty: 1.) The Enemy Shows Up Uninvited2.) The Enemy Bestows Gifts, Which One Usually Expects to Be Good, but Certainly EndContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know about the Enemy”