Confidence vs. Arrogance

Any time I write about self-image, weight lifting, exercising, our diets, publications, and anything at all happy, the following thoughts ricochet about in my brain after hitting “publish” on my blog: People are going to think I’m arrogant and self-centered with all this, “Look how joyful and healthy I am” stuff. Am I arrogant and self-centered? IContinue reading “Confidence vs. Arrogance”

Negative Nancy and the Art of Self-Promotion

First off, a short essay of mine, “Grounded: Engaging the Spiritual in Poetry” is available on Poets’ Quarterly, which just relaunched this month.  Check it out! Secondly, I now have all kinds of anxieties about what I just did: self-promote. It probably doesn’t seem like I have any trouble with promoting myself.  I rock the social media,Continue reading “Negative Nancy and the Art of Self-Promotion”

Praise Sarah, From Whom All Blessings Flow…?

I’m having a hard time writing this blog because I want to sound cool. This is the trouble with confession – the idea is to humble yourself, not justify every little pip and squiggle. So here it is: your church service has revolved around one person for the last six months: me. I know youContinue reading “Praise Sarah, From Whom All Blessings Flow…?”