Vulnerability in Writing

I’ve been writing a LOT lately, and I’m excited about the material that is coming out, the direction I see for possible books (plural, because I don’t want to write just one, after all), and the small victories each piece presents.  I’ve been telling myself, You can’t write about faith and poof! essays on faith (andContinue reading “Vulnerability in Writing”

Negative Nancy and the Art of Self-Promotion

First off, a short essay of mine, “Grounded: Engaging the Spiritual in Poetry” is available on Poets’ Quarterly, which just relaunched this month.  Check it out! Secondly, I now have all kinds of anxieties about what I just did: self-promote. It probably doesn’t seem like I have any trouble with promoting myself.  I rock the social media,Continue reading “Negative Nancy and the Art of Self-Promotion”

Peace, Not War – Online and Print Publication

In the last few days I’ve been thinking again about publication.  Unlike my last meditation on posting poems to a blog site, my most-read post to-date, I’ve been thinking about how hard we all work (and how much money we all spend) trying to get our poems published in elite literary journals, like Poetry and the likes. Continue reading “Peace, Not War – Online and Print Publication”