Sifted As Wheat

Sometime around 2005, the “everything happens for a reason,” feel-good faith of my college years shattered. I had had two miscarriages and health complications that accompanied those losses, and to tell you the truth, God did not feel real close, or real good, or real loving. In fact, I didn’t feel anything for God exceptContinue reading “Sifted As Wheat”

Tackling Transitions

Next week, a new series of blog posts will begin to be published on the site Off The Page, a ministry of Our Daily Bread. I am excited about this opportunity to reach a larger audience and hope that the posts are engaging, inspiring, and thought provoking– sincere and maybe even a little funny nowContinue reading “Tackling Transitions”

Advent Day Ten: God With Us

It’s true, I tell you, it’s true.  Grant me this moment of ecstasy, this moment removed from the grief and the pain and the loss that seems to overshadow this season of hope.  God is with us; I’ve witnessed it sprawled on the floor after our multiple miscarriages, in the NICU after Elvis was born,Continue reading “Advent Day Ten: God With Us”

Just Call Me Sarah "All Heart" Wells

Oh no. That’s what I thought to myself as the clock ticked closer to the cut-off point of a clip from Jerry Maguire, this morning’s edition of the At The Movies series at our church, seconds closer to when I had set the video up to automatically shut off, right before Cuba Gooding, Jr. announces,Continue reading “Just Call Me Sarah "All Heart" Wells”

Creativity in Worship

Recently I started working with the worship team at our church, and I’ve been having so much fun.  I don’t sing, and while I might be able to toot a tune on the ol’ licorice stick, there isn’t a whole lot of room for a clarinet in our contemporary worship band.  Unless we start playingContinue reading “Creativity in Worship”

Praise Sarah, From Whom All Blessings Flow…?

I’m having a hard time writing this blog because I want to sound cool. This is the trouble with confession – the idea is to humble yourself, not justify every little pip and squiggle. So here it is: your church service has revolved around one person for the last six months: me. I know youContinue reading “Praise Sarah, From Whom All Blessings Flow…?”