This Right Here

From where I sit in our new living room back in Ashland, my Christmas tree’s lights reflect off of five surfaces. Every night after I put my kids to bed in their new bedrooms, I settle under a white afghan, my 12 pound pup snuggles in next to me on the couch, and I take … More This Right Here


We spent the evening with friends of ours discussing the aches and opportunities of the church we’re attending, and while our kids ran around their living room and up the stairs, and I scratched the ears of one of their pups, I said the thing I keep saying about this church community: I laugh every … More Held

The Things We Love

I am hanging out in the bright afternoon heat. Our kids have found other kids to be this afternoon’s best friends. My husband is in a baseball uniform and catcher’s gear, waiting for his next at-bat. It’s Father’s Day, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, around this dusty diamond, squinting in the light. There’s … More The Things We Love

You Better Watch Out

You know that Christmas song, “I’m getting nuttin’ for Christmas?” My son had one of those days today. It’s like the part of his brain that is designed to say “This is kind of a dumb idea” got unplugged so the part of his brain that is designed to say “I wonder what will happen … More You Better Watch Out