The Things We Love

I am hanging out in the bright afternoon heat. Our kids have found other kids to be this afternoon’s best friends. My husband is in a baseball uniform and catcher’s gear, waiting for his next at-bat. It’s Father’s Day, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, around this dusty diamond, squinting in the light.

There’s nothing hotter than the person you love doing the thing that he loves. My husband loves baseball. He loves coaching it and playing it. He comes alive. He is the fullest and best version of himself here. I imagine when he plays he must feel the way I do in the grip of writing or reading, energized and deeply satisfied, even when it doesn’t go well.

I think this is partly what it means to love someone – to be able to recognize who a person is and encourage them in the things they are passionate about. It can go so wrong. What would have happened to our marriage if Brandon said, “I don’t like you writing about our lives”? What would have happened to our marriage if I had said, “you really need to stop this coaching and playing business.” We would have strangled each other’s lifeblood and become hollow shells of ourselves. How can we love fully and live fully when we have to deny an essential part of our being?

So here we are. Brandon just shouted, “Two, boys!” from behind home plate. My boys are playing dinosaurs and learning for themselves daily what makes their hearts beat, and I am writing on my phone in the sunshine. Finding the holy in our every day loves.

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