American Honey: On Marriage and Memoir

Brandon and I had been married for about three seconds when we decided that we would be awesome at marriage ministry. Because we were clearly awesome at marriage. For those three seconds. Neither of us knew 18 years ago what it meant to be equipped for marriage ministry. To “minister” is to tend to theContinue reading “American Honey: On Marriage and Memoir”

Marriage Summits, Valleys, and the Hikers You Encounter along the Way

The other night Brandon and I were hanging out in the living room after the kids went to bed. “This is a well written article,” he said, quoting the opening lines of the Jerry Richardson article just released, yet another sexual harassment story. I agreed. “You have to hear this,” he continued, then readContinue reading “Marriage Summits, Valleys, and the Hikers You Encounter along the Way”

Leave the kids. Get away.

Now. Go. Do it. Last weekend we left our kids with my cousin and her best friend and trekked south down I-71 to Hocking Hills for three days and two nights with close friends. On the way we stopped for breakfast and I ate all the things at Bob Evans. Sorry, Lodi residents, about theContinue reading “Leave the kids. Get away.”

Mountains and Valleys

This has been the longest week ever. I’m convinced that there is scientific evidence out there to support my observation. Monday, January 10? When was that? Wasn’t that three weeks ago? No. It was only four days ago. Until the researchers have had time to analyze the data, we’ll just take it as cold, hardContinue reading “Mountains and Valleys”

Advent Day 16: For Better, For Worse

With all of the crises of the world spinning around, demanding my attention, I think to myself, It’s been a while; maybe it’s gone now. Maybe all of that self-pity and loneliness got squeezed out with Mom’s cancer, work, and kids taking up all of the space. A few weeks pass and I haven’t thoughtContinue reading “Advent Day 16: For Better, For Worse”

Stretch, bend, snap and bind: like-mindedness and marriage and a few other meandering thoughts

My husband is playing the guitar on the other side of the room, and I keep opening and closing browser tabs trying to decide what I have to say here right now or whether I have anything to say at all, or whether to close the whole thing down and play Candy Crush. I’ve almostContinue reading “Stretch, bend, snap and bind: like-mindedness and marriage and a few other meandering thoughts”

The Things We Love

I am hanging out in the bright afternoon heat. Our kids have found other kids to be this afternoon’s best friends. My husband is in a baseball uniform and catcher’s gear, waiting for his next at-bat. It’s Father’s Day, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, around this dusty diamond, squinting in the light. There’sContinue reading “The Things We Love”

Things Beyond My Control

I am writing this in Word on my laptop in the living room because of things that are beyond my immediate control. A week or so ago, the buzzing from the doorbell xylophone in the hallway at our new home began buzzing so persistently and at a gradually increasing buzz rate that Brandon decided toContinue reading “Things Beyond My Control”

I Don’t Read Postcards from Hell

I got a soul that I won’t sell,  And I don’t read postcards from hell.  – The Wood Brothers It’s been about a year and a half since I wrote this post, “Crazy Jesus Parables and Dead Pigs.” In hindsight, it’s a rather cryptic post. I don’t give any context to why driving out demonsContinue reading “I Don’t Read Postcards from Hell”