Celebrating 15 Years of Marriage

This tour through the last fifteen years of our marriage is over now; we’ve arrived at our destination – the 15th anniversary. Crystal is the traditional 15th anniversary gift. It symbolizes the “clear and sparkling love” between a husband and wife, and I think that’s just about right for where we stand these days: clarityContinue reading “Celebrating 15 Years of Marriage”

Marriage: Year Fifteen

Fall 2017: Learning about Settling We buy what Brandon affectionately calls our “death house” – forget the forever home business, this is the place we’ll die someday. It’s unlike any other house, with weird pockets of weirdness tucked into corners of weirdness. We love it. The place we buy is where we want to stay.Continue reading “Marriage: Year Fifteen”

Marriage: Year Thirteen

Fall 2015: Learning about Patience The fall of 2015 began Donkey’s Farewell Tour – Brandon’s last season of working on the road with ESPN. When he was gone, he was out late eating great food and drinking bourbon with friends. When he was home, he was impatient, irritable, distant, and angry. I walked a desertedContinue reading “Marriage: Year Thirteen”

Marriage: Year Twelve

December 2014: Learning about Chocolate Cake and Bourbon One thing I learned in December 2014: Don’t try to keep up with the guys who are drinking bourbon at your new job’s end-of-year party and also eat chocolate cake the night before you’re supposed to fly to Connecticut for a wedding. You will recover before theContinue reading “Marriage: Year Twelve”

Marriage: Year Eleven

Fall 2013: Learning about Landmark Occasions Celebrating ten years together feels like circling around for a victory lap. Whew! We made it! Nothing seems impossible now. We travel together to Blacksburg, Virginia. Brandon’s gift to me this anniversary is a new engagement ring and an original song, and it feels like a brand new promise,Continue reading “Marriage: Year Eleven”

Marriage: Year Nine

January 2012: Learning about Nutrition Rescued by the saving grace of the Whole 30, Brandon and I became food evangelists. If 18-year-old fresh convert Sarah was obnoxious with her “everybody gets a Bible for Christmas” evangelizing, 29-year-old Paleo diet Sarah challenged her to laps around the dining room table. But cutting out dairy, cheese, sugar,Continue reading “Marriage: Year Nine”