Confessions of a Tubal Ligation

It’s been a week since our newest, and last, son – Henry Delbert – arrived safely into the world via c-section.  He is absolutely beautiful, perfectly content and as predictable of a baby as I’ve experienced.  Ever since we became pregnant with Henry, I’ve been coming to terms with this being our last baby –Continue reading “Confessions of a Tubal Ligation”

Kind of unorthodox for Sarah, but anyway…

I haven’t been following the rules of one of the website’s prompts, but today I wanted to catch up to my once-a-weekday, so I stopped by and found the prompt to write a poem whose first line or title begins All I want is… and then you need to fill in the blank. So IContinue reading “Kind of unorthodox for Sarah, but anyway…”

Canada Geese

Canada Geese We fly the same V for weeks, knowour destination without words and sail,driven by a force north to calmer waters.It is almost instinctual, the way we settleon the lake, wingtips ripple, wait for summer.But nesting takes its toll, days stretch out as long as summer shadows. Our hatchlings are a handful,so stressed, endureContinue reading “Canada Geese”


It has been a great week of a forced fast from the computer, kind of – with mobile uploads and Twitter’s mobile connect to Facebook, I have been able to give the appearance of an online presence 😉 Thank God for Twitter and its ability to make sure everyone knows what normal and uninteresting thingsContinue reading “Ambition”