Romantic Comedies and Reality

After chasing Henry around the softball field and putting the kids to bed, after downing glass #1 of wine and eating two chunks of dark chocolate, I am now reclined with feet propped indulging further in one of my favorite romantic comedies, French Kiss, with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. My favorite romantic comedies allContinue reading “Romantic Comedies and Reality”

The Hunger Games

Why is it that books about vampires, werewolves, and children killing children are so stinkin’ popular these days? Most of the time I am a nonfiction/poetry snob, I admit it, mostly because my job requires it.  Occasionally, I miss reading for fun, though, and I have several friends who eat up fiction, both YA andContinue reading “The Hunger Games”

Kind of unorthodox for Sarah, but anyway…

I haven’t been following the rules of one of the website’s prompts, but today I wanted to catch up to my once-a-weekday, so I stopped by and found the prompt to write a poem whose first line or title begins All I want is… and then you need to fill in the blank. So IContinue reading “Kind of unorthodox for Sarah, but anyway…”