Roots Newly planted tree, water. Douse your roots,saturate the soil, stretchbeyond the root ball,wriggle those anxious nervesthrough burlap to new earth and then deeper. Soakso long the mulch rises up,washes away, until you thinkenough. No. This is not enough –uncoil the hose, turn the faucet,we will do this daily, weekly, this whole season. Trainyour rootsContinue reading “Roots”

The Gardener Exhibits His Work

The Gardener Exhibits His Work “Let me show you my garden,” so I follow himout the back patio. Aromas overwhelm the air –vines of roses pruned, trimmed, and trained to climbthe trellis, blooms loosed like curls. Lilac groves multiplytheir purple flowers, precision mathematic, the scentof infinity on the breeze. The garden is strategic –violas, azaleas,Continue reading “The Gardener Exhibits His Work”

Stealing Ideas and Old French Language "Roots"

Dent-de-Lion In the words of a poet friend of mine, *poof!* So, I have a secret I need to spill. I rob Wikipedia, Google, and the Bible of all their good ideas. I am a thief. I admit it. This poem is a good example and an easy entrance into confession. First, I have beenContinue reading “Stealing Ideas and Old French Language "Roots"”