Turning Over Earth

I am woefully behind on my 30th year goal to blog once a week.  To recap since April, poem-a-day went fairly well and generated a good chunk of material plus an essay I’m excited about, Brandon traveled a lot for work, I worked a lot for work, Henry turned one, Lydia turned six, we celebratedContinue reading “Turning Over Earth”

The New Landscape

The New Landscape I’ve bundled branches, sawed stumps low,cut down in twenty minuteswhat took years and years to grow. What do you think the neighbors knowabout the severed limbs that jutfrom bundled branches, their stumps sawed low? The taxus and squared boxwood woethe push and pull as the hand saw cutsdown what took them fortyContinue reading “The New Landscape”

The Gardener Exhibits His Work

The Gardener Exhibits His Work “Let me show you my garden,” so I follow himout the back patio. Aromas overwhelm the air –vines of roses pruned, trimmed, and trained to climbthe trellis, blooms loosed like curls. Lilac groves multiplytheir purple flowers, precision mathematic, the scentof infinity on the breeze. The garden is strategic –violas, azaleas,Continue reading “The Gardener Exhibits His Work”