What Happens to Suffering When We Pray

This week, my daughter, Lydia, broke one of her arms for the fourth time in six years. There’s never a great time to break a bone, but in my opinion, the start of the summer is the worst time. As I scurried down to church camp to pick her up the day after dropping herContinue reading “What Happens to Suffering When We Pray”

The Things We’ve Lost and Where They’re Found

The pancake batter bowl is missing. I have twice opened and shut every kitchen cabinet drawer it could have been stuffed into by one of three children annoyed by the daily chore of unloading the dishwasher groooooan. Maybe it was the jesterly husband with all his high-minded opinions about where and how certain dishes oughtContinue reading “The Things We’ve Lost and Where They’re Found”

Advent Day 13: Oh God, Help Me

  I rode with my boyfriend from some youth group gathering back to his house, staring out my window as dusk turned to night. We took the curves of Geauga Lake Road and descended into the woods’ shadows. “What kind of God would save a murderer,” I spat, “just because he believed, and not me?  I’mContinue reading “Advent Day 13: Oh God, Help Me”

You Should Read This, and This, and This

I’m now working from home two days a week–which is fabulous–but it is impeding the pace at which I get through my audiobooks. Cry me a river. The things I have to give up for work-life balance, I tell you what. The balance of being in the office three days a week and out twoContinue reading “You Should Read This, and This, and This”

What Chamomile and Honey Can’t Do

I’m pretty sure I’ve had a cold/sinus infection since December 1.  It has backed off a little here and there as some kind of bacterial mercy move, but for the last two weeks (or something like that), it’s been no nonsense, in your face (and nose, and eyes, and ears, and chest), Die Hard withContinue reading “What Chamomile and Honey Can’t Do”

Twelve Apples and a Blog

Twelve shiny, locally grown apples are sitting on my kitchen counter ten feet away next to the cutting board, apple corer, slow cooker and paring knife. Fortunately, they are all inanimate objects who can only beckon with their glaring presence. But I have a hot cup of apple cider, James Taylor Pandora Radio, and aContinue reading “Twelve Apples and a Blog”

Stealing Ideas and Old French Language "Roots"

Dent-de-Lion In the words of a poet friend of mine, *poof!* So, I have a secret I need to spill. I rob Wikipedia, Google, and the Bible of all their good ideas. I am a thief. I admit it. This poem is a good example and an easy entrance into confession. First, I have beenContinue reading “Stealing Ideas and Old French Language "Roots"”


Wrap your atmosphere around me –I do not want to be the moon, unable to deflectthe smallest cosmic speck. I flinch and dodgea thousand bullets in a meteor shower,yearn to watch the light show at night without fear.Without you, my surface is sensitive – I bruiseat the slightest affront, scurry away to nurse each hurt.IfContinue reading “Crater”