Praying for Enemies

The psalms are filled with great messages of praise and worship, of love and adoration, fear and awe, woe and lament.  They are also filled with pleas to dump burning coals on enemies’ heads, to throw enemies into miry pits.  In as many words, the psalmist wants his enemies to burn in hell. I wouldn’t … More Praying for Enemies

Reading for a change

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of writing as of late, and frankly, I’m all poemed out. For the time being. I am tired of reading and tired of writing poems. Give me something book-length! So I read Patricia Hampl’s The Florist’s Daughter this weekend and started in on Letters to … More Reading for a change


Wrap your atmosphere around me –I do not want to be the moon, unable to deflectthe smallest cosmic speck. I flinch and dodgea thousand bullets in a meteor shower,yearn to watch the light show at night without fear.Without you, my surface is sensitive – I bruiseat the slightest affront, scurry away to nurse each hurt.If … More Crater

Cashing In

Okay, it must be divine appointment weekend here in Chicago. After ANOTHER great night out with some really interesting and intelligent writers, I got off of the el (how cool am I to use the lingo of Chicago?) at Harrison Ave. and begin walking back toward the hotel. It’s a crisp 30ish degrees out, and … More Cashing In