The Lost Babies

Henry: “How old would the other children be if they were born?” Me: “I think 14, 13, 10, and 8.” Henry: “I would’ve liked the 8-year-old. We would have been buds.” I don’t know if it’s strange or awesome or awkward that all three of my kids know about our multiple miscarriages. We don’t talk … More The Lost Babies

Metaphors and Me

This week I’ve been working on an essay about miscarriage and faith.  As you can imagine it’s so uplifting and happy and plastered with joy that everyone is going to want to read it!  …  Or, no.  The good news is that I made tremendous progress from this happened and then this happened and then … More Metaphors and Me

The Explanation

The Explanation The baby that used to bein mommy’s bellyis in heaven nowwith Tex and Great Pop.Heaven is far away,beyond the clouds and sky,even farther than the moonand sun and stars. Godis in heaven, too, and Jesus,who loves the little babies.He lets them snugglein his arms the way I dowith you at night,when we read … More The Explanation