Lifestyle Changes

This fall, I am doing this crazy thing: I am taking off every Friday. That’s right people, four-day work week until 2011. There are two huge payoffs to this schedule. First, the work week is packed, and I mean PACKED, with stuff to do. I’m not really one to sit around waiting for someone to … More Lifestyle Changes

The Homecoming

Tuba bells catch stadium light in the end zone,flash it to cymbals, who wait at attentionin the percussion section. In the stands, parents bundle under blankets, wave to friends.Elementary boys wear oversized jerseys and blue jeans,chase girls with bags of popcorn and fruit punch.Their older siblings gather in corners, drink Pepsi,eat pizza, go out into … More The Homecoming


Lately, I have had the great joy of spending all day with my kids on the weekends. At least it feels like that – maybe it hasn’t been that way for long, but I LOVE this exhaustion from a day well spent. We squeezed out every ounce of good times from each available minute today, … More Saturdays