Measuring Rings

Settle your shifting vision on the maple stumpyour son is standing on, growing outof all your ancient history. The past keeps repeatingin new rings, health you measure by breadth.You count the number of times you’ve grownout of the fire, the layers of heartwood healingover scars, new branches jutting from woundwood. Do you see the little … More Measuring Rings

Easter Saturdays

Easter Saturdays (tentative title because I stink at titles) Cars full of people split the swamp where my creek flows.They must not ponder, pause, stare at hollowed logs,branchless trunks and wonder about the end of winter,spring still a whisper in the trickle of cold water through the culvert. What does all this dying mean, this … More Easter Saturdays

Cascade Valley

Look, my daughter, the pine treedropped its seeds, and herea fragile sapling braves the forest floor.This used to be a birch treebut maybe lightning sliced it,wind heaved its heavy breath against itand now the trunk is rust.Sticks used to flirt, flaretheir skirts of springtime buds, but now we throw the broken limbsinto the rushing floodwaters … More Cascade Valley