Advent Day 14: Pajama Movie Night, Waiting out the Darkness

Tonight I made a big bowl of kettle corn and two mugs of hot chocolate with two big marshmallows each, started the first fire of the year in the fireplace, and piled onto the couch with my three beautiful, marvelous, remarkable children who know nothing of senseless rage unloaded onto the spirits of their peers, to watch … More Advent Day 14: Pajama Movie Night, Waiting out the Darkness

The Holidays

It is the season of Christmas music, Christmas lights, Christmas cookies, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, and Christmas. Christmas. Just the word lifts my spirits. Merry Christmas to you. And you. And you over there, too! I’d like to give a shout out to the folks over at Kodak Gallery. I ordered *stuff* from them on … More The Holidays

Easter Saturdays

Easter Saturdays (tentative title because I stink at titles) Cars full of people split the swamp where my creek flows.They must not ponder, pause, stare at hollowed logs,branchless trunks and wonder about the end of winter,spring still a whisper in the trickle of cold water through the culvert. What does all this dying mean, this … More Easter Saturdays

Snow in Auburn

Snow in Auburn More than once I have heardyour frosty winter promise whispered, the fire crackle of your laughter,felt your sorrow falling with the snap of heavy branches in the woods.Eternity, you roar so loud it wakes me from my sleep; I standby the slamming screen door and stare, wind sudden, deliberate, constant,each gust stirring … More Snow in Auburn