Advent Day 16: From Above and Below

One night this summer while Brandon and I were at the beach with his side of the family, we sneaked out the patio doors of our bedroom and sat in the tall wooden beach chairs to watch the ocean and the sky as yet another meteor shower began.  The ocean pushed rhythmically against the shoreline,Continue reading “Advent Day 16: From Above and Below”

Damaged Goods

Let’s talk about sex. Ba-by. My Kindle essay, “The Valley of Achor,” is about obsession, infatuation, and love.  It is about sex and faith and God and mercy and redemption.  I have thought so much about these things ever since I prayed at 18 that whatever was causing my period to be two weeks late wouldContinue reading “Damaged Goods”

Jesus Walks into a Bar

(This is for Sean Lovelace, who insists there ought to be more poems about Jesus walking into a bar.) It is always darker than it should be,but over the pool table, a haloof florescent light. My father, his brother,like weathered sailors, dock at the barwith other tired shipmates, hunched,feet propped on the reflective footrests,haunches restingContinue reading “Jesus Walks into a Bar”


Wrap your atmosphere around me –I do not want to be the moon, unable to deflectthe smallest cosmic speck. I flinch and dodgea thousand bullets in a meteor shower,yearn to watch the light show at night without fear.Without you, my surface is sensitive – I bruiseat the slightest affront, scurry away to nurse each hurt.IfContinue reading “Crater”