Damaged Goods

Let’s talk about sex. Ba-by. My Kindle essay, “The Valley of Achor,” is about obsession, infatuation, and love.  It is about sex and faith and God and mercy and redemption.  I have thought so much about these things ever since I prayed at 18 that whatever was causing my period to be two weeks late wouldContinue reading “Damaged Goods”

Canada Geese

Canada Geese We fly the same V for weeks, knowour destination without words and sail,driven by a force north to calmer waters.It is almost instinctual, the way we settleon the lake, wingtips ripple, wait for summer.But nesting takes its toll, days stretch out as long as summer shadows. Our hatchlings are a handful,so stressed, endureContinue reading “Canada Geese”

Happy New Year!

I just ventured into Google to find out where I’m popping up these days (as my maiden name – the married version pulls up too many hits), and was sorely disappointed not to see Sarebear’s Sentral Spot appearing anymore. So, I dug up the old account and password, which, embarrassingly enough, is the same passwordContinue reading “Happy New Year!”