No Idle Hands Here

We’ve had another full, fun weekend around these parts.  The rust bucket Durango retired at the Ford dealership Friday, and Brandon and I did a little happy dance that it did NOT begin belching smoke in the parking lot when they started it up.  We pulled away with a 2004 Ford Expedition, pleased with our … More No Idle Hands Here

Happy New Year!

I just ventured into Google to find out where I’m popping up these days (as my maiden name – the married version pulls up too many hits), and was sorely disappointed not to see Sarebear’s Sentral Spot appearing anymore. So, I dug up the old account and password, which, embarrassingly enough, is the same password … More Happy New Year!

Monday Recap

I am still bubbling over a bit about this whole chapbook thing. Chapbooks, for those who aren’t as bookish and nerdy as me, are kind of like mini-books or half the typical poetry manuscript. They generally consist of 15-25 pages of poems by one author. They are printed in limited edition print runs and usually … More Monday Recap