Advent Day 10: The Valley of the Shadow

They wheeled me down the hospital corridors the evening after my c-section to the bay area where our newborn son was being prepared for transfer to the Children’s Hospital across town. I had seen him for a second after delivery, held above the sheet that blocked our view of my internal organs, red and angryContinue reading “Advent Day 10: The Valley of the Shadow”

Advent Day Fourteen: Birth Stories

Get any group of mothers together with a pregnant woman around, and it will only take a short while before the birth stories begin.  I never tire of hearing the tales.  Hours spent in labor.  Induction.  Ice chips.  Husband nearly fainting when he saw the epidural needle.  We laugh, we cry, we each take ourContinue reading “Advent Day Fourteen: Birth Stories”

Advent Day 13: A Special Treat

Public Service Announcement: Tonight’s post is written with chocolate and merlot, preceded by a chocolate chip cookie, potentially followed by more chocolate. And more merlot. I’m not sure why tonight beat the snot out of me. Maybe several weeks of whizzing about has finally provoked the over-tired toddler in me to throw a tantrum.  After IContinue reading “Advent Day 13: A Special Treat”

Books 4 & 5, 2012: A Double Life and Bring Down the Little Birds

In the quiet hours after my children fall asleep, after the whining and the bickering, after the requests for snacks and meals and drinks and games and puzzles and cars and hold me and carry me and tuck me in and sing me a song and just one more song, after all of that, IContinue reading “Books 4 & 5, 2012: A Double Life and Bring Down the Little Birds”

What Chamomile and Honey Can’t Do

I’m pretty sure I’ve had a cold/sinus infection since December 1.  It has backed off a little here and there as some kind of bacterial mercy move, but for the last two weeks (or something like that), it’s been no nonsense, in your face (and nose, and eyes, and ears, and chest), Die Hard withContinue reading “What Chamomile and Honey Can’t Do”

In the Center Ring: Motherhood vs. Work

Ugh.  I am three full weeks away from the end of my maternity leave. You people must know I love my job– I do.  It is one of those job descriptions that feels as if it was written precisely with me in mind.  I’ve been at Ashland for four years now, helping to build aContinue reading “In the Center Ring: Motherhood vs. Work”