Breaking the Workaholic

It’s the first TGIF of my first week at a new job, and because the week was so full, here is the amplified version: the (awesomely delicious) tortellini soup my (amazingly productive and generous) mother-in-law made while watching my three (exuberant, exhausting, active, loud, snuggly) children has cooled and is stored in the fridge alongContinue reading “Breaking the Workaholic”

Soccer Mom Fail

I know I dress like an adult, go to work like an adult, and pay bills like an adult.  I’ve got a mortgage and a car payment.  I make decisions about budgets, buy groceries, compare health insurance benefits.  Stuff breaks–dish washers, power steering lines, toilets–and we have to get it fixed.  Us–the adults of thisContinue reading “Soccer Mom Fail”

In the Center Ring: Motherhood vs. Work

Ugh.  I am three full weeks away from the end of my maternity leave. You people must know I love my job– I do.  It is one of those job descriptions that feels as if it was written precisely with me in mind.  I’ve been at Ashland for four years now, helping to build aContinue reading “In the Center Ring: Motherhood vs. Work”