Poem for Valentine’s Day

I wrote this little poem for my husband a couple of Valentine’s Days ago. It’s a little geeky in that I love researching stuff I didn’t know before (like the names of DNA components), but I think even without the DNA, you can get the jist, that I love my husband, and that we’re in it for the long haul. This is from my book, Pruning Burning Bushes, which has a few more lovey-dovey poems in it written specifically for other people’s marriages, and then a few more that find their origins in this relationship right here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, people!

Woven and Spun 

This strand of life
we’ve braided
holds enough history to be
a length of DNA.
Tucked between the kisses given
in quickened passing
and longer-lasting glances
is a trust
like hydrogen bonds
between the bases
thymine and adenine
set to stabilize our double spiral.
After all, your helix is mine
and its twisting is witnessed
in these living beings
we’ve created.
But even when it’s just
me and you around,
our chemical reactions
off interacting in this world,
we will stay bound,
double helix woven and spun.
Our bodies seize the space
of atoms, your soul, legs, fingers, eyes
entwined with mine.

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