Damaged Goods

Let’s talk about sex. Ba-by. My Kindle essay, “The Valley of Achor,” is about obsession, infatuation, and love.  It is about sex and faith and God and mercy and redemption.  I have thought so much about these things ever since I prayed at 18 that whatever was causing my period to be two weeks late would … More Damaged Goods

Looking for the Goods

First off, sarahmwells.com is broken, and I’m unhappy about it.  I kept hoping it would reset itself or just reappear, and after multiple attempts to contact customer service people at Google and at GoDaddy.com, I have given up, deleted the domain name entirely, and with any luck it’ll become available again in the next couple … More Looking for the Goods

Binge Dating

It is my husband’s final weekend of work for a couple of months after spending the last ten months on the road.  It feels like he’s been gone all of the time, even though I know it was more like 3-4 day stretches with the occasional crazy mixed in there (see “The First Step Is … More Binge Dating

The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Mahatma Gandhi I leave in the morning for my annual trek to the AWP Conference, this year in Boston.  I’m leaving with my homework done for this week, a packet submitted for the program, “spring break” for school waiting after the trip, four manuscripts formatted … More The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem


Eight years ago today, we had a vision for how the wedding would go.  All of our plans came to fruition– the bouquets were held, our friends and family played music, our pastor spoke, we exchanged rings and shared communion and lit a candle, there was cake, there was dancing, the bar was open (and … More Anniversary