When God Made Everything, Even Poison Ivy

I have a poison ivy rash right now, possibly worse than I’ve ever had before. It’s waking me up from sleep several times a night. I’m using cold compresses and alternating lotions to treat it but may end up asking for a steroid to put me out of my misery. As I was applying aContinue reading “When God Made Everything, Even Poison Ivy”

Picture Book

I don’t like my title. Oh well. Picture BookHis gentle dumb expression turnd at lengthThe Eye of Eve to mark his play; he gladOf her attention gaind, with Serpent TongueOrganic, or impulse of vocal Air,His fraudulent temptation thus began.– Book 9, lines 527-531, Paradise Lost by John Milton My children identify animals,name and order accordingContinue reading “Picture Book”

Sleeping Beauty, Part II

We watched Sleeping Beauty again tonight. Lydia loves this movie – she actually sits on the couch and watches the whole thing, which doesn’t even happen with Shrek, and they LOVE Shrek. So, Sleeping Beauty is a huge hit for Lydia. After Elvis went to bed, I let Lydia stay up and watch the restContinue reading “Sleeping Beauty, Part II”

Everything You Need to Know about the Enemy

You know those posters, “Everything I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten?” Well, tonight I bring you – everything I ever needed to know about the enemy I learned from watching Sleeping Beauty: 1.) The Enemy Shows Up Uninvited2.) The Enemy Bestows Gifts, Which One Usually Expects to Be Good, but Certainly EndContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know about the Enemy”