Haiti and Home from Key West

Back from Key West, but it’s hard to relay how wonderful a trip it was in light of the tragedy in Haiti. Brandon and I can hardly turn off the TV. We feel so helpless this far away, as I’m sure many people feel. Even before the earthquake, there were 1.6 million orphans in Haiti…Continue reading “Haiti and Home from Key West”

Painting Nails and Gettin’ Dolled Up for Work?!

In about three hours, the students and faculty will begin to arrive for the Ashland MFA program, and step one to prepare for the residency today: painting my nails. This is clearly the most important item on my agenda for the day, even though I rarely paint my nails, even for weddings. I even broughtContinue reading “Painting Nails and Gettin’ Dolled Up for Work?!”


It has been a great week of a forced fast from the computer, kind of – with mobile uploads and Twitter’s mobile connect to Facebook, I have been able to give the appearance of an online presence 😉 Thank God for Twitter and its ability to make sure everyone knows what normal and uninteresting thingsContinue reading “Ambition”

2009 Writing Resolution

Elvis said his first two-syllable word today – tractor. He is possibly the cutest thing on the planet, even cuter than labrador puppies. My mom took a short video clip of him, Lydia, my dad, and me sitting on the couch looking through a tractor book. It will go on Facebook sometime soon… if FacebookContinue reading “2009 Writing Resolution”