Joy Comes in the Morning – The Power of Eastertide

For Lent this year, I picked up a different kind of devotional compiled by a writing acquaintance of mine, Sarah Arthur. The book–Between Midnight and Dawn–provides a selection of Scripture passages (Psalm, Prophet, Epistle, Gospel) paired with poems and excerpts of fiction from both contemporary and canonized authors for each week of the Lenten season.Continue reading “Joy Comes in the Morning – The Power of Eastertide”

Easter Poems – Last Words

Copyright 2010, Matt For the next week, poems I wrote in response to the last seven things Jesus is recorded as saying are being shared as part of Jody Thomae’s Create-a-Day Virtual Art-Walk. These poems, for me, were entrance into verses in Scripture that for me began to feel worn down by ritual andContinue reading “Easter Poems – Last Words”

Explaining Easter

Explaining Easter for Lydia, my three-year-old Imagine your marshmallow Peeps devouredby your brother without one lick of sticky sweetness, giant chocolate rabbit melted in the sun. Even your mother and father—those great false gods—have eaten every jelly bean.You hold your basket, empty. This is how Good Friday feels, waitingto be taken to the playground allContinue reading “Explaining Easter”

Last Words Series, Part Six – "Enough"

Enough “Jesus called out with a loud voice, ‘Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.’When he had said this, he breathed his last.” – Luke 23:46 Here I am, my son. Your struggle is over.It was near impossible to keep from turningtoward your cries. I felt each lash,wailed as they drove the nails. IContinue reading “Last Words Series, Part Six – "Enough"”

Last Words Series – Part Five, "Drink"

Drink “Later, knowing that all was now completed,and so that the Scripture would be fulfilled,Jesus said, ‘I am thirsty.’” – John 19:28 The fount of living waterbellows drought. I wantto lift a ladle, cold and pure, so you could be relieved. But I’m deceived with ease. My cup is sour, dilutethe wine from dirty cisterns.Continue reading “Last Words Series – Part Five, "Drink"”

Last Words Series, Part Four – "Fear"

Fear I taste the juice of forbidden fruit dripping from Adam’s mouth. And in my hand, the dagger that killed Cain’s brother. My arms are sore from building Babel. Abraham’s fear rolls in my gut. I cling to Sodom as it burns, connive for the birthright at Isaac’s bedside, stand by as my sons slaughterContinue reading “Last Words Series, Part Four – "Fear"”

Last Words Series Part Three – "Mary at the Cross"

Mary at the Cross I am not old. A bewildered mothersince conception who stored up each moment. Now I will recall the way you reached for me, a babe, and only see your outstretched arms. Son, do not abandon me—every hourhas been mystery, how my Lord suckled at my breast, relied on me to learnContinue reading “Last Words Series Part Three – "Mary at the Cross"”

Last Words Series – Part Two, "Breath"

This poem wiggles around on the page and has funky spacing, but I thought I’d give it a shot here, because I don’t think you need to have the visual effect in order to read the poem. In fact, I’ve changed some of the line breaks for this post, just because. 🙂 Breath You areContinue reading “Last Words Series – Part Two, "Breath"”

Last Words, Part One – "The People Stood Watching"

Last year for Easter, I participated in a project at our church to reflect on the seven stations of the cross and the last seven statements made by Jesus before his crucifixion. I thought maybe I’d share a few of these this year. A couple won’t show up right in the blog because of formattingContinue reading “Last Words, Part One – "The People Stood Watching"”