Last Words Series – Part Five, "Drink"

Drink “Later, knowing that all was now completed,and so that the Scripture would be fulfilled,Jesus said, ‘I am thirsty.’” – John 19:28 The fount of living waterbellows drought. I wantto lift a ladle, cold and pure, so you could be relieved. But I’m deceived with ease. My cup is sour, dilutethe wine from dirty cisterns.Continue reading “Last Words Series – Part Five, "Drink"”

Last Words Series, Part Four – "Fear"

Fear I taste the juice of forbidden fruit dripping from Adam’s mouth. And in my hand, the dagger that killed Cain’s brother. My arms are sore from building Babel. Abraham’s fear rolls in my gut. I cling to Sodom as it burns, connive for the birthright at Isaac’s bedside, stand by as my sons slaughterContinue reading “Last Words Series, Part Four – "Fear"”