Behold, A New Thing

I keep describing the last four months as a wild ride of trying to trust God, getting it wrong (or right for the moment, and then wrong, and then right again, for now *crazy eyes*), and questioning the mysteries of God’s will, my will, and the conflation of these two things into one mushy pileContinue reading “Behold, A New Thing”

Crazy Jesus Parables and Dead Pigs

Lately I’ve taken to listening to the audio Bible on YouVersion’s Bible app in the mornings as I exercise or as I’m getting ready for work.  I have been out of spiritual practice, so since I’m exercising regularly, I figure coupling my physical exercise with some kind of spiritual exercise is a wise move. I’mContinue reading “Crazy Jesus Parables and Dead Pigs”

Because I Said So

I’d like to have some kind of built-in sensor that beeps or flashes at me when I’ve crossed the line separating sane, firm, yet loving mother and insane, irrational wacko mom. Maybe it could make a noise like a metal detector… you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay… firm enough, firm enough, firm, firm, firm, AHHHHHHHContinue reading “Because I Said So”