Tragedy and Faith

Every tragedy is like a defibrillator to faith, something that shocks my system and leaves me needing to work out the circuits all over again, to try to reconnect and return to a healthy rhythm.  It resurrects the same doubts and questions about good and evil, faith and fear, that humankind has battled for all of time.  Tragedy is … More Tragedy and Faith

Easter Saturdays

Easter Saturdays (tentative title because I stink at titles) Cars full of people split the swamp where my creek flows.They must not ponder, pause, stare at hollowed logs,branchless trunks and wonder about the end of winter,spring still a whisper in the trickle of cold water through the culvert. What does all this dying mean, this … More Easter Saturdays

Version 2 – A Voice in the Crowd at Capernaum

John 6 What I really need to know is how the callousesblossomed on your fingers. I want to feelthe bristle of your beard on my cheek,place my hands around the feetof the man who feeds. You know why I’ve come here: to make the impossiblebecome miraculous, to turn your vengeanceinto grace, to learn the difference … More Version 2 – A Voice in the Crowd at Capernaum

Psalm 40

BootsPsalm 40 These boots by the door are still cakedwith hardened clay, their leather darkenedby water, still swelling, absorbing,the flannel lining damp and pungent.Clumps of mud stick to the kitchen floor,discarded here and there from the fieldthat pulled and sucked until I was stuck.I will not use the broom – I like the imprintsleft behind, … More Psalm 40

Jesus Walks into a Bar

(This is for Sean Lovelace, who insists there ought to be more poems about Jesus walking into a bar.) It is always darker than it should be,but over the pool table, a haloof florescent light. My father, his brother,like weathered sailors, dock at the barwith other tired shipmates, hunched,feet propped on the reflective footrests,haunches resting … More Jesus Walks into a Bar