Visiting Ghosts: Writing about the Past

One of my current writing projects is an essay (or longer something… book? eep.) about faith and identity.  I can’t write about becoming a Christ follower without writing about an ex-boyfriend I dated for almost two years during college, a guy I expected to marry someday. It’s hard to go back to journals and memoriesContinue reading “Visiting Ghosts: Writing about the Past”

Sydney Cast in Shadow

Sydney Cast in Shadow The garden stroll before a matinee balletbirds of paradise gawking these palms this lushnessthis pristine park dustless alleythese streakfree storefront windowsthis cloudless painless blue this skylineetched with geometric concrete wavesjutting saucer tower arcing bridgesailboat-speckled placid harbor this paper bagsoaked in grease from fish and chips Me too far away to seemyContinue reading “Sydney Cast in Shadow”

The Swale

Roving feet get suctioned in the swale.Mud leaches between laces and leatherbefore you see the depression coming. The valley looked drier, but spring rainand winter melt had no time to evaporateor seep deeper into the earth, harmless. This land rises up in such a way that dipsare unpredictable. Perhaps shallow cavitieswill always be damp, hollowsContinue reading “The Swale”

Revision of Hoarding Any Memory

Hoarding Any Memory Come give me a smooch! – Richard Lingro, Sr. You appear in a family picnic clipfifty pounds heavier than I rememberand bearded. Come give me a smooch!that scruffy kiss and heavy hug. Lawn mower tractor pulls, greasy rags,and polka music play, profoundaround the fuzzy photos, figures distorted,shorter, thinner, younger years away, drivingContinue reading “Revision of Hoarding Any Memory”