Advent Day 4: Ghosts of Christmases Past

  As the colored lights twinkled on the tree, the gifts were exchanged with Grandpa’s perfect scripted “Santa” on the labels to each of his seven children and their spouses and their children. Each of us cousins sat in our Christmas best, holiday dressed, lined up on the davenport with a pile of unopened presents inContinue reading “Advent Day 4: Ghosts of Christmases Past”

Revision of Hoarding Any Memory

Hoarding Any Memory Come give me a smooch! – Richard Lingro, Sr. You appear in a family picnic clipfifty pounds heavier than I rememberand bearded. Come give me a smooch!that scruffy kiss and heavy hug. Lawn mower tractor pulls, greasy rags,and polka music play, profoundaround the fuzzy photos, figures distorted,shorter, thinner, younger years away, drivingContinue reading “Revision of Hoarding Any Memory”