Three Limericks for My Kids

It’s day eight of Poem-a-day April, and I’m feeling fresh out of ideas today, so for fun, I wrote a few limericks for Lydia, Elvis, and Henry.  It was a fun little project, actually.  Here they are: There once was a girl named Lydiawho flew to a town in Australia.She arrived too latefor her dinnerContinue reading “Three Limericks for My Kids”

Laws and Ordinances

I’ve been reading in the psalms lately and have noticed a common trend that I found bizarre.  The psalmists spend a lot of time thanking God for his rules/law/precepts/ordinances etc.  I don’t know that I have ever thanked God for his law, so I’ve been thinking about this a bit and have come up withContinue reading “Laws and Ordinances”

What Chamomile and Honey Can’t Do

I’m pretty sure I’ve had a cold/sinus infection since December 1.  It has backed off a little here and there as some kind of bacterial mercy move, but for the last two weeks (or something like that), it’s been no nonsense, in your face (and nose, and eyes, and ears, and chest), Die Hard withContinue reading “What Chamomile and Honey Can’t Do”

The Table of No Return

I just finished going through the stack of papers that have accumulated since Thursday on the table of no return.  Surely you have one of these–it’s the counter/hutch/bureau/table/drawer where the mail, bills, newspapers, checklists, kids’ drawings, homework, and other stuff that needs your attention goes when you need to clear off the dining room tableContinue reading “The Table of No Return”

You May Say I’m a Dreamer

Over pizza tonight at Brookside Park, Elvis and Lydia shared how they are going to live next door to one another when they grow up, and they will visit each other every day.  We asked where we will live, and they said that we can live next door, too.  Brandon said, “Lydia, you can buyContinue reading “You May Say I’m a Dreamer”

Pedal through the Bumps

My kids wanted to ride their bikes to school this morning, so we headed out at 8 a.m. on the drop-off circuit.  I put Henry in the Baby Bjorn, our new dog Jelly Beans (Beans for short) on his leash, and my travel mug of tea in my right hand, and the Parade of Wells headedContinue reading “Pedal through the Bumps”

Kindergarten and Everything After

Lydia just wrapped up her second full week of school, and of course she loves it and seems like an old pro at this going to school thing.  It is hard to tell exactly how well things are going though.  I can’t be on the playground to see if she is making friends.  Are the kids niceContinue reading “Kindergarten and Everything After”

Soccer Mom Fail

I know I dress like an adult, go to work like an adult, and pay bills like an adult.  I’ve got a mortgage and a car payment.  I make decisions about budgets, buy groceries, compare health insurance benefits.  Stuff breaks–dish washers, power steering lines, toilets–and we have to get it fixed.  Us–the adults of thisContinue reading “Soccer Mom Fail”

Confessions of a Tubal Ligation

It’s been a week since our newest, and last, son – Henry Delbert – arrived safely into the world via c-section.  He is absolutely beautiful, perfectly content and as predictable of a baby as I’ve experienced.  Ever since we became pregnant with Henry, I’ve been coming to terms with this being our last baby –Continue reading “Confessions of a Tubal Ligation”

Explaining Easter

Explaining Easter for Lydia, my three-year-old Imagine your marshmallow Peeps devouredby your brother without one lick of sticky sweetness, giant chocolate rabbit melted in the sun. Even your mother and father—those great false gods—have eaten every jelly bean.You hold your basket, empty. This is how Good Friday feels, waitingto be taken to the playground allContinue reading “Explaining Easter”