Tiel over at Knocking from Inside gave me this idea for alternative presentations of poems… Advertisements

Easter Saturdays

Easter Saturdays (tentative title because I stink at titles) Cars full of people split the swamp where my creek flows.They must not ponder, pause, stare at hollowed logs,branchless trunks and wonder about the end of winter,spring still a whisper in the trickle of cold water through the culvert. What does all this dying mean, this … More Easter Saturdays

The Corner Stand

The Corner Stand The pick-up’s open tailgate displaysthe fruits of our labors – bushel basketsof fresh-picked sweet corn, Sugar Babywatermelon, zucchini, yellow squash,tomatoes, green bell and banana peppersall arranged in quart containers. It is unpredictable at the corner stand –will passersby, hankering for a dozen,see our shining vegetables, mouths wateringfor a taste of straight-from-the-vinecherry tomatoes, … More The Corner Stand


EnoughI Chronicles 21:15 How many times have you said,Enough! Withdraw your hand –the vessel of your wrath subdued?What invokes this rage, earthquakes,hurricanes, bubonic plague, rampanttrauma sweeping across continents? Why spare any? Impossibleto find mercy in so many, to lookbeyond intractable justice and seelove hollow in bellies of famine-struck,flowing like stopped-up rivers, yearsof cloudless skies, millions … More Enough

Canada Geese

Canada Geese We fly the same V for weeks, knowour destination without words and sail,driven by a force north to calmer waters.It is almost instinctual, the way we settleon the lake, wingtips ripple, wait for summer.But nesting takes its toll, days stretch out as long as summer shadows. Our hatchlings are a handful,so stressed, endure … More Canada Geese