Marriage: Year Three

This is entry #3 leading up to celebrating 15 years of marriage. Spring 2006: Learning about Abundance The third baby we conceived gave me heartburn like you wouldn’t believe and wanted to arrive 12 weeks early. To keep the contractions from coming, I went on modified bed rest, which basically meant I could lounge aroundContinue reading “Marriage: Year Three”

Before the March For Our Lives, My Son Asks a Question

“Why would someone want to kill kids?” – Henry, Age 6 Some people have so much hurt in their hearts they don’t know what to do with it. They don’t know where to put it. They don’t know how to get rid of it. Maybe they’ve been abused. Maybe they’ve been neglected. Maybe they’ve sufferedContinue reading “Before the March For Our Lives, My Son Asks a Question”

When Your Daughter Is Shot on Valentine’s Day

Which parent stays home to meet your son Which parent waits along the curb among discarded carnations and candy grams which parent stares at classroom doors for any chance she can utter later, “but for the grace of god,” “what a tragedy,” “we feel so lucky” which parent waits and waits and waits, the cut-out heartContinue reading “When Your Daughter Is Shot on Valentine’s Day”

Marriage Summits, Valleys, and the Hikers You Encounter along the Way

The other night Brandon and I were hanging out in the living room after the kids went to bed. “This is a well written article,” he said, quoting the opening lines of the Jerry Richardson article just released, yet another sexual harassment story. I agreed. “You have to hear this,” he continued, then readContinue reading “Marriage Summits, Valleys, and the Hikers You Encounter along the Way”

Advent: The First Candle

In November, our lips trembled with the breath of winter etched in frost across the windows. We gazed at dawn’s arrival casting bands of icy glitter on brass and copper oak leaves holding tight to frozen branches, as if they could stop the turn of seasons, suspend the spin of Earth around the sun, butContinue reading “Advent: The First Candle”

Marriage as a Spiritual Practice

Good morning! Today on Off the Page, I’m introducing a new monthly column I’m excited to write on marriage as a spiritual practice. Now that I’m through writing the family devotional, it feels good to be writing with adults in mind again and navigating the scary but familiar territory of marriage.   Today’s post looksContinue reading “Marriage as a Spiritual Practice”