Marriage: Year Twelve

December 2014: Learning about Chocolate Cake and Bourbon One thing I learned in December 2014: Don’t try to keep up with the guys who are drinking bourbon at your new job’s end-of-year party and also eat chocolate cake the night before you’re supposed to fly to Connecticut for a wedding. You will recover before the … More Marriage: Year Twelve

Marriage: Year Nine

January 2012: Learning about Nutrition Rescued by the saving grace of the Whole 30, Brandon and I became food evangelists. If 18-year-old fresh convert Sarah was obnoxious with her “everybody gets a Bible for Christmas” evangelizing, 29-year-old Paleo diet Sarah challenged her to laps around the dining room table. But cutting out dairy, cheese, sugar, … More Marriage: Year Nine

Marriage: Year Seven

2009-2010: Learning about Friendship After the MFA program’s summer residency in August 2010 I went to the doctor to find the heartbeat of our sixth pregnancy and found none, again, and this time the sadness is buried in a dogpile of toddler and preschooler on top of me. Lydia is four and Elvis turns three … More Marriage: Year Seven

Marriage: Year Three

This is entry #3 leading up to celebrating 15 years of marriage. Spring 2006: Learning about Abundance The third baby we conceived gave me heartburn like you wouldn’t believe and wanted to arrive 12 weeks early. To keep the contractions from coming, I went on modified bed rest, which basically meant I could lounge around … More Marriage: Year Three

Before the March For Our Lives, My Son Asks a Question

“Why would someone want to kill kids?” – Henry, Age 6 Some people have so much hurt in their hearts they don’t know what to do with it. They don’t know where to put it. They don’t know how to get rid of it. Maybe they’ve been abused. Maybe they’ve been neglected. Maybe they’ve suffered … More Before the March For Our Lives, My Son Asks a Question

When Your Daughter Is Shot on Valentine’s Day

Which parent stays home to meet your son Which parent waits along the curb among discarded carnations and candy grams which parent stares at classroom doors for any chance she can utter later, “but for the grace of god,” “what a tragedy,” “we feel so lucky” which parent waits and waits and waits, the cut-out heart … More When Your Daughter Is Shot on Valentine’s Day


Each Christmas I write in a little Christmas book an update about what has come in the last year. I’m forever in wonder about how much happens in a year, and how little I saw coming. This year was no different. From new job opportunities to moving towns to publishing opportunities, it was a year … More Resolve

Marriage Summits, Valleys, and the Hikers You Encounter along the Way

The other night Brandon and I were hanging out in the living room after the kids went to bed. “This is a well written article,” he said, quoting the opening lines of the Jerry Richardson article just released, yet another sexual harassment story. I agreed. “You have to hear this,” he continued, then read … More Marriage Summits, Valleys, and the Hikers You Encounter along the Way

This Right Here

From where I sit in our new living room back in Ashland, my Christmas tree’s lights reflect off of five surfaces. Every night after I put my kids to bed in their new bedrooms, I settle under a white afghan, my 12 pound pup snuggles in next to me on the couch, and I take … More This Right Here