Book 6, 2012: Beautiful and Pointless by David Orr

I just finished Beautiful & Pointless: A Guide to Modern Poetry by David Orr, and now I am sad.  It isn’t often that I come across a person who cares so much about poetry but is equally as honest about the state of contemporary poetry, and that willingness to illuminate the reality of modern poetry andContinue reading “Book 6, 2012: Beautiful and Pointless by David Orr”

Memorial Day Mulch and More

What a great weekend!  The brick patio is finished, I (re)planted a holly bush destroyed by the dog-that-no-longer-lives-here and planted some Russian sage and dianthus annuals, and then mulched the yard.  A mulched and landscaped yard is so satisfying, maybe as satisfying as harvesting vegetables from my garden.  Maybe.  Okay, a tie then. Here’s whatContinue reading “Memorial Day Mulch and More”

Book Three 2012: Pitch by Todd Boss

So, I finished another book toward my thirtieth year goal to read ten books, A Double Life by Lisa Catherine Harper, but I just started Bring Down the Little Birds by Carmen Gimenez Smith, and I think it’ll be fun to blog about those two together, since they are both on mothering.  Instead, let meContinue reading “Book Three 2012: Pitch by Todd Boss”

Festival of Faith and Writing, Writing Process, and Writing Writing. Writing.

This week I am heading north to the big mitten for the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing.  I am looking forward to giving a presentation on “Poetry as Worship, Poetry in Worship: Inviting Creativity into the Worship Experience” – and with a title like that, who could skip it, right?  I’m also moderatingContinue reading “Festival of Faith and Writing, Writing Process, and Writing Writing. Writing.”

Haiku for Kindergarteners

Tomorrow I’m going to Lydia’s kindergarten class to talk a little about poetry.  Her teacher is pretty stinkin’ awesome at everything, but one of the things I love is that the kids typically have a poem homework assignment each week where they read and analyze the poem for syllables, sounds, and rhymes.  Since it’s NationalContinue reading “Haiku for Kindergarteners”

Three Limericks for My Kids

It’s day eight of Poem-a-day April, and I’m feeling fresh out of ideas today, so for fun, I wrote a few limericks for Lydia, Elvis, and Henry.  It was a fun little project, actually.  Here they are: There once was a girl named Lydiawho flew to a town in Australia.She arrived too latefor her dinnerContinue reading “Three Limericks for My Kids”

Spring break 2012 – girls gone wild! With poetry!

I am sitting in the house I grew up in with all three of my kids sound asleep by 8 o’clock, drinking a glass of wine and writing poetry. This has been one of those amazing weeks you can never plan or count on happening for fear of disappointment, but when they come about, allContinue reading “Spring break 2012 – girls gone wild! With poetry!”

Finalist for T.S. Eliot Prize

I am extremely delighted to announce that my collection of poems, Pruning Burning Bushes, was selected as a finalist for the T.S. Eliot Prize through Truman State University Press.  It was one of five finalists out of 450 submissions.  While the judge did not ultimately select my manuscript for publication, she had this to sayContinue reading “Finalist for T.S. Eliot Prize”

On the Eve of the New Appliance Delivery

Potmaster 600, you have left oatmeal dried on the cusp of my bowl again, and I am shifting my weight at the kitchen sink, picking at it with my thumbnail, getting dishpan hands. The silverware are soaking in a cup of soapy water after another wasted round in the dishwasher. There are only twelve hoursContinue reading “On the Eve of the New Appliance Delivery”

Creativity in Worship

Recently I started working with the worship team at our church, and I’ve been having so much fun.  I don’t sing, and while I might be able to toot a tune on the ol’ licorice stick, there isn’t a whole lot of room for a clarinet in our contemporary worship band.  Unless we start playingContinue reading “Creativity in Worship”