On the Eve of the New Appliance Delivery

Potmaster 600, you have left

oatmeal dried on the cusp of my bowl

again, and I am shifting my weight

at the kitchen sink, picking at it with my

thumbnail, getting dishpan hands.

The silverware are soaking in a cup

of soapy water after another

wasted round in the dishwasher.

There are only twelve hours left until

the delivery truck arrives to take you

out of these cabinets, out of our house,

out of our town, to where they take

twenty-two year old appliances, and soon,

I will be rid of you, loading every dish

without pre-rinse, into a stainless-steel

mid-range tall tub high-efficiency

silverware jets included dishwasher,

one that doesn’t need to be called Potmaster

it is and will be the master of the pots.

Published by Sarah M. Wells

Sarah M. Wells is the author of The Family Bible Devotional: Stories from the Gospels to Help Kids and Parents Love God and Love Others (2022), American Honey: A Field Guide to Resisting Temptation (2021), Between the Heron and the Moss (2020), The Family Bible Devotional: Stories from the Bible to Help Kids and Parents Engage and Love Scripture (2018), Pruning Burning Bushes (2012), and a chapbook of poems, Acquiesce, winner of the 2008 Starting Gate Award through Finishing Line Press (2009). Sarah's work has been honored with four Pushcart Prize nominations, and her essays have appeared in the notable essays list in the Best American Essays 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018. Sarah is the recipient of a 2018 Individual Excellence Award from the Ohio Arts Council. She resides in Ashland, Ohio with her husband and three children.

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