2009 Writing Resolution

Elvis said his first two-syllable word today – tractor. He is possibly the cutest thing on the planet, even cuter than labrador puppies. My mom took a short video clip of him, Lydia, my dad, and me sitting on the couch looking through a tractor book. It will go on Facebook sometime soon… if FacebookContinue reading “2009 Writing Resolution”

Happy New Year!

I just ventured into Google to find out where I’m popping up these days (as my maiden name – the married version pulls up too many hits), and was sorely disappointed not to see Sarebear’s Sentral Spot appearing anymore. So, I dug up the old account and password, which, embarrassingly enough, is the same passwordContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Revision of Hoarding Any Memory

Hoarding Any Memory Come give me a smooch! – Richard Lingro, Sr. You appear in a family picnic clipfifty pounds heavier than I rememberand bearded. Come give me a smooch!that scruffy kiss and heavy hug. Lawn mower tractor pulls, greasy rags,and polka music play, profoundaround the fuzzy photos, figures distorted,shorter, thinner, younger years away, drivingContinue reading “Revision of Hoarding Any Memory”

Baked Apple, Green Ogres, and Snuggles

My word it’s been a week already. I am pretty run down tonight after a busy day at work and frustrating financial mishaps. I hate money. I really do. All of its finiteness, especially. But in the end, note the lilies in the field and the sparrows in the air – and we’re worth muchContinue reading “Baked Apple, Green Ogres, and Snuggles”