Advent Day Nine: Go to the Festival of Lights

Tonight’s Advent activity was yet another very good reason to have a daughter.  I intended for the whole family to go to the Festival of Lights on campus, but it ended up being just Miss Lydia and me, and it’s a good thing — that program is long!  Since Lydia is six and goes to bedContinue reading “Advent Day Nine: Go to the Festival of Lights”

Advent Day Eight: Make Christmas Cookies

We spent yesterday morning and afternoon catching up on our Advent activities from earlier this week, including coloring Christmas pictures (see “Don’t Color Christmas Pictures“).  We drew some Christmas pictures and made a few Christmas presents in the process.  I’m dying to post pictures of these gifts, but I don’t want to give away theContinue reading “Advent Day Eight: Make Christmas Cookies”

Advent Day Five: Take a Winter Walk

Today’s advent activity is supposed to be “Take a winter walk.”  It is at least cold enough today to call it winter, but I’m a little bummed that I put this on the calendar before looking at an extended forecast.  It would be much more fun to do this with snow.  I think it’ll stillContinue reading “Advent Day Five: Take a Winter Walk”

Advent Day Two: Read a Christmas Book

Each year, opening the Christmas boxes releases magic in our house. The homemade ornaments, treasured angels and globes, snowmen mugs and dishes, candles, Christmas lights, stocking hangers, wreath, and so on cause eruptions of “Oh! Look at this!” from the kids, and honestly, from me, too.  I find myself picking up ornaments and carrying themContinue reading “Advent Day Two: Read a Christmas Book”

Advent Day One: Make Hot Cocoa

December 1: Make Hot CocoaI loooooove hot chocolate, but the mix stuff leaves a horrible corn syrup aftertaste in my mouth and frankly gives me the McGurgles.  It made me so sad the first time I tried some after our diet change.  So today, we’re trying paleo hot chocolate.  I grabbed this recipe from EasyContinue reading “Advent Day One: Make Hot Cocoa”

Advent Calendar and Writing

The Advent season starts December 1, and I’m nipping at the bit.  I love this season. The kids and I made an advent calendar that I stole from Pinterest (gah. one more addiction to battle.) and combined with our Nativity story books.  Each day has a different activity on it for December leading up toContinue reading “Advent Calendar and Writing”

Appliances are a Girl’s Best Friend

Belated Merry Christmas from S.Wells! Our family just got back from a snowy trip to Mansfield for dinner and a little shopping.  BW came home early this afternoon from working in Louisiana over Christmas, and it was lovely to be able to get out of the house with him and the kids for dinner atContinue reading “Appliances are a Girl’s Best Friend”

Keeping Christ in Christmas

There’s a lot of chatter every year about keeping Christ in Christmas, getting back to the real meaning of Christmas, etc., which is all well and good if that means peace on Earth, good will towards men. But sometimes that call, to keep Christ in Christmas, sounds like Scrooge and the Grinch to me. EveryContinue reading “Keeping Christ in Christmas”