Advent Day Nine: Go to the Festival of Lights

Tonight’s Advent activity was yet another very good reason to have a daughter.  I intended for the whole family to go to the Festival of Lights on campus, but it ended up being just Miss Lydia and me, and it’s a good thing — that program is long!  Since Lydia is six and goes to bed around 7:30 on a school night or 8 if we’re really pushing it, we had to abandon the concert about half-way through, but it was just lovely.  Girls were made to enjoy and celebrate pretty things, and to do that together, well, sheer delight.

Festival of Lights, Ashland University 2012

Me and my darling

I spent a good portion of the afternoon Christmas shopping, and I’m real close to being done. Just a couple more gift exchange presents to buy and I think I’ll be set.  I did realize this evening that I have the Jacobs in Brandon’s family confused, so I suppose it’s a good thing I didn’t buy something for the wrong Jake.  😛  By the way, that whole bit about it being better to give than to receive?

Totally true.

I cannot WAIT for Christmas once again this year, to watch my loved ones open up their presents.  My little ol’ heart just bubbles with joy, and who can get enough of that?

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