Advent Day Thirteen: Traveling Pregnant

When I was five months pregnant with Elvis, I thought it would be a really fun idea to travel by plane with Lydia, who was ten months old, by myself, to meet Brandon and his baseball team in Florida over spring break.  As I maneuvered down the center aisle of the jet with Lydia onContinue reading “Advent Day Thirteen: Traveling Pregnant”

The Cloak of Obligation

It’s nearly December, and in spite of putting up my Christmas tree two weeks ago, hanging stockings, listening to Christmas Jazz on Pandora Radio at work all day, and ordering a few Christmas presents online, I’m just not feeling it yet.  Four days from now, I’m supposed to begin our countdown to Christmas and IContinue reading “The Cloak of Obligation”

Book Ten: The Memory Palace

Dad and Lydia sledding Christmas break almost always involves a marathon reading of at least one book, a can’t-put-it-down, block-out-the-family, full on obsessive read.  I started and finished The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok in about 36 hours with breaks for skating, sledding, eating, and sleeping. The Memory Palace is a beautifully composed memoir about the relationshipContinue reading “Book Ten: The Memory Palace”

Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling

We are home after visiting with family for the last few days, an always lovely time at Thanksgiving.  I’m grateful for family being so close and being able to spend time with both sides.  And, can you say leftovers?  Yum.  I’m on carb-overload. I love coming home to a Christmas decorated house.  It’s warm, welcoming,Continue reading “Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling”